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Recently I was invited to speak at the ASSC (Association of Scottish Self Caterers) conference on photography and video. My presentation was titled…

It Was So Much Better Than I Thought It Would Be

The title was inspired by the answer to the question that I ask to prospective tourism clients. That question is ‘What do your guests say after staying with you?’, with the answer often being ‘It was so much better than I thought it would be’. Great, they’ve had a good time, you’ve exceeded expectations. However, could it be that your are underselling your offering on-line? That though is often why I’ve been called in, either to update photography and/or video, or to help with marketing strategies. My goal is to help hotels, B&B’s, cottages, apartments etc. to look as good on-line as they do in reality.

Top 10 Tips for photography and video

You can see the tips on this video, with some examples of my photography and video. I’ve also listed the points below, if you would like more information about photography and video for your property please call me on 01360 661029, or get in touch via the Contact Button or Page.

Tip #1 – Get the key visuals right

The most prominent photographs on your website and the visuals at the start of your video must show the key rooms. Your rooms should be light, bright and shot with a wide angle lens to show the space that you have. These images have got to be amazing, they will make the difference between someone staying on your site to find out more or going off to the next website.

Tip #2 – Go on camera

This terrifies most of us, but really nobody can sell your experience better than you. Show your passion for your property, this can help build a bond between you and potential customers. For more on this watch the story behind this example to find out how effective it can be.

Tip #3 –  Show where you are

I find it frustrating that many websites don’t show the amazing scenery that is nearby their property. This is a key selling point so show beyond your four walls.

Tip #4 – Show local life and attractions

Building on from this point, show what there is to do. Not just attractions but amenities, such as bakers, restaurants, pubs etc. Show local life, it’s all part of the holiday experience, as your guests will be enjoying the local community and environment.

Tip #5 – Add special touches

Before capturing video and taking photographs bring your room to life. Get the fire started, lay the table, turn lamps on etc. show homely touches.

Tip #6 – Show changing seasons

Drive bookings across the different seasons, for Autumn the vibrant colours, for winter show a cozy fire etc.

Tip #7 – Include People

Show how your property is used and enjoyed. Add people and if possible use testimonials from real guests.

Tip #8 – Go behind the scenes

Tell the story behind the property, your passion for it, the work that is done to keep it in excellent condition. This tells a story and builds emotional bonds with potential and existing customers.

Tip #9 – Show your USP

What is the best thing about your experience? What do you get the most feedback about? Take that and make sure you make it prominent on your website. Especially if it’s a unique selling point.

Tip #10 – Don’t undersell

Take out any weak photographs. Make sure your website shows an accurate representation of what you do. Don’t undersell your experience.

Need help with video & photography

I’d be delighted to help, whatever your tourism business is. Please get in touch via the Contact Button or Page, or by calling 01360 661029.

About Me:

I am a Family Portrait & Wedding Photographer, I also create photography and video for business offering on-line content and marketing support. I run regular introduction to photography training courses, ideal if you you want to learn how your camera works and take better photographs. I am based in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park and work throughout Scotland including Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. See more at my websites – and or call me on 01360 661029.

Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope you found these 10 tips for tourism photography and video useful.

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