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Take Better Photographs – ‘Which Camera Should I Buy?’

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My photography courses are titled ‘Take Better Photographs’ they’re simple, hands-on, fun and totally relaxed. Whilst I do offer training and mentoring to professional photographers the vast majority of my training is for hobbyists who want to learn how to get the camera off of auto and capture amazing photographs. 

I get so many requests for advice on what camera to buy, or what to buy the family member who is a budding photographer. So I’ve written this blog post with lots of tips and recommendations that I hope that you will find useful.

I often get asked to choose between Canon or Nikon. Both in my opinion are equally as good, my Professional Photographer colleagues split down the middle as users of these two market-leading brands. Once you’ve found your make you tend to stick to it, adding the appropriate accessories over time.

I personally love Nikon, I’ve owned many of their cameras over the years and have always been happy with that brand. There are of course a number of other makes in addition to Nikon and Cannon and if you have any make or model in mind I recommend searching on-line to find as many reviews as possible so that you can build a balanced view.

Onto the type of camera to buy, and here I cannot recommend highly enough a DSLR camera, they are much easier easy to take control of and you can also change lenses for different situations. The entry level DSLR’s are superb and now a lot more affordable. I would recommend the from Nikon either the D3300, or the D7100. I’d avoid compacts or bridge cameras as they have limitations, which many people who want to do more with their camera will ultimately find frustrating.

As of November 2015 I found the Nikon D3300 with 18-55 lens for £300.  Last year I bought its predecessor the Nikon D3200 to travel around with me on holidays so that I could leave my heavier cameras and lenses for professional work. The Nikon D3200 produces incredible results and is lightweight and easy to keep with you so you never miss a photographic opportunity. Here are my photographs from a tip to Walt Disney World

Next onto lenses, many come with a handy 18-55mm lens, so you can go from wide angle to portrait. Think about whether you really need a bigger zoom lens, are you going to be shooting activity from a distance, or could you just get closer? Prime lenses are great value with 50mm a favourite, superb quality and affordable, ideal too in low light situations.

If you want a good camera bag I would recommend Think Tank bags. Also maybe the best recommendation of all is Lightroom which is a very powerful, but easy to learn software program for organising and editing photographs. This can be bought as a one of course or doubled up with Photoshop for a monthly subscription from Adobe who make both.

Photography Training

‘Take Better Photographs’ course – an introduction to photography

Finally I should give a quick plug to my ‘Take Better Photographs’ courses. Once a month, usually on the last Thursday of the month I run a full day course from 10am-5pm for up to 4 people, this will teach you everything you need to know. Then once a season I lead a three-hour course out and about in Loch Lomond. 

I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have so feel free to get in touch

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I am a Family Portrait & Wedding Photographer, I also create photography and video for business offering on-line content and marketing support. I run regular introduction to photography training courses, ideal if you you want to learn how your camera works and take better photographs. I am based in Loch Lomond and work throughout Scotland including Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. See more at my website – or call me on 01360 661029.

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