English Bay, Vancouver

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Just a few photographs from one of my favourite places – English Bay, Vancouver, Canada. This has to be one of the best places to watch the sunset and although it’s a popular city beach during the day the crowd numbers at night grow significantly, with people arriving just before sunset. The atmosphere is really relaxed, people just hang out with some playing guitars and others like me taking photographs of the beautiful moment when the sun begins to set.

English Bay is just at the start of Stanley Park a peninsula of land and a popular public park, with a sea wall running around the perimeter to accommodate the many joggers, cyclists and walkers. Across the road from English Bay is the superb Sylvia Hotel. The diving board arrives for the summer months and provides a focal point as the sun goes down.


The English Bay diving board, providing a focal point in the Vancouver sunset.

(left) A heron enjoys a walk in the sunset (right) the beautiful bay.

(left) A heron enjoys a walk in the sunset (right) the beautiful bay.


An amazing place to watch a sunset, English Bay, Vancouver

(left) a solo respective sunset experience (right) a romantic one.

(left) a solo respective sunset experience (right) a romantic one.


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