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Family Photography in Glasgow

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I have photographed many families in locations throughout Scotland. This has helped me to find lots of interesting places that I would have never found otherwise. Glasgow is a good example with a rich variety of places to choose from.

I always ask families who book me for my Family Portrait Photography Sessions if they have a favourite place that they like to go to together, which we can then use for the session. This is often a park, woods etc. I ask them because if it is a location that they are familiar with they will more than likely feel more relaxed, which will help me to take better photographs of them.


With Glasgow there is often the opportunity to use a mixture of settings in one session. In the West End for example you can find walls of graffiti at one spot….


…with then a park just around the corner


The two pictures above were both taken within 15 minutes, with a quick change of location and clothing.

Paul Saunders Photography-2895

Glasgow has got some beautiful parks, the Botanics and Kelvingrove being just two fine examples.


The examples shown above allow the natural environment to fade into the background. Sometimes though there is the opportunity for landmarks to stand out, like this family photography session which took place along the River Clyde.


Pollok House is a very good option, the grounds of the house are stunning and its maze is good fun for children.


Wherever the location the subject is the most important element. I am looking for pure emotion, capturing a moment in time. The pictures below are a good example of this, showing the natural emotion between a dad and his baby daughter – priceless.

Family Photography in Glasgow

Teenagers love urban environments. I can create a look that they will love, like the one below. Parents like it too because its authentic producing photographs that there teenage sons and daughters will actually like and not be embarrassed about.


If you live around or in Glasgow, or even planning a visit and are interested in my Family Portrait Photography Sessions then please get in touch. Let me know your preferred location in Glasgow and I will capture a series of images that will work within that environment. If I’ve been to the location before I’ll happily show you some examples of my previous work from there, if not I’ll be more than happy to come along and suss out the setting and find the best places to get you some beautiful photographs of your family.

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