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Luckily I didn’t take notice of the old saying ‘never work with children or animals’, if I had of I would have missed some excellent photography opportunities and assignments. Whoever came up with saying had the word ‘or’ in the middle of their line, I though work with both animals and children – often at the same time as you will see with these photographs.


I love taking photographs of horses as part of my Family Photography Sessions, whether it’s portrait photographs like above, or an action shot as shown below there is the opportunity to produce a really strong and authentic picture.


The people who look after horses are incredibly devoted to them. It’s a lot of work, without a day off. That bond is there to be captured and it’s my job is to do just that in photography.


The secret of course is patience. On paper getting a teenage girl, plus two horses and a pony in a photography should be difficult, but actually isn’t. There is something that just works with these photography sessions and that’s why I love doing them.


I mentioned earlier the commitment needed to look after a horse. This is a defining moment in a persons life, like all such moments they must be captured to be enjoyed not only by the subject themselves but their own family and friends.


So the bar was raised further by one local family who asked me to photograph their daughter and her horse, along with her two brothers, younger sister and family dog!


This was the result, a Family Photography session including the families horse at Mugdock Country Park, near Glasgow.


This Family Photography Session was in my home village of Drymen, Loch Lomond.

Horse Group6-9911

The pictures below are the girls brother and his horse at the same stables.


If you would like to find out about getting a Family Photography Session please get in touch (especially if there is a horse to include!). Finally just one more photograph!

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