Making The Most Of Your Wedding Day

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Here are some top tips for planning your Wedding Photography – if you are interested in finding out about my prices and availability to photograph your wedding please CLICK HERE and fill out a form so that I can post you a brochure and price list.

Around one to two months before a wedding that I have been booked for I will arrange a meeting with the couple. At this stage it’s an ideal time to talk through the couples plans for their day. I use an amazing piece of planning software, used by many Professional Photographers to plan the photography for the day. At this stage I will also double check that I’ve got all of the correct locations, timings and a note of any must-have photographs and moments.


Around this time too I will visit the venue(s) for the wedding and meet the key people involved in organising the wedding. This is a great way of finding the best settings and locations and also understanding how the day is being organised.


I have a simple aim, to capture amazing photographs that tell the unique and authentic story of a wedding. Whilst, allowing the couple to spend as much time with their family and friends as possible. I am keen also to keep their day running as smoothly as possible. I’ll always find out what time that guests should be sat down for the reception so that I don’t hold up the proceedings. Venues really appreciate this as they have a 100 or so meals to prepare so that they are ready to time. Venues tell me horror stories about Wedding Photographers that disappear for ages with the bride and groom, leaving the day running late.


For the ceremony I find that speaking in advance with the person that is conducting the service I can reassure them that I won’t disrupt the proceedings. I can also find the best position to be to capture the ceremony without obstructing the views of guests.


Generally I find it’s all in the planning. Of course things don’t always proceed exactly as expected, but you can be sure of one things they move quickly! Having a plan, having spoke to the appropriate people, having looked for suitable locations for photography it makes the day so much easier.


Group photographs work so much better if you know the names of the people that are going to be in them. I have a simple system for arranging them so that they flow quickly, rather than it turning into being a long, long ordeal for the wedding party!


I guess this all sounds like common sense – why wouldn’t a photographer do those things. I think that it is important that you know the level of service that your Wedding Photographer is going to provide. The pre-planning service is such a vital one, it is a great investment of time, one that I think helps to provide better photographs as well as allowing less of your day to be taken up by photography. After all it is your wedding day!!


As well as my words on planning, I hope you are enjoying looking at the photographs on this page. It’s all about finding the best backdrops and places that are ideal for Wedding Photography, to help to tell the story of the day.





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