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Here is a behind the scenes blog of a recent photography training course in Loch Lomond.

I limit the number of attendees to 4,  to ensure that each person gets full value from the course. For this particular course there were three people taking part – Derek, Fran and Siobhan.

We started off spending some time on focusing and learning about depth of field. Here are some examples.

Taken by participant Fran Hollis

Taken by participant Fran Hollis

Each step of the way course participants try exercises so they can get hands-on and experience for themselves, using their own camera. Although I teach for all levels it’s beginners and self acclaimed novices that most usually sign up for the course.

Feedback that I get is that camera manuals are not the easiest guides to photography and videos can be difficult to find. The benefit of these small groups is that you can ask a stack of questions and practice to your hearts content.

Out and about walking through a forest we learn how to use light and shade to handle different and often difficult weather conditions. From low light to bright sunshine there are many challenges to capturing the perfectly exposed photograph. This though can be easily achieved with a little knowledge and understanding, gained during the course.


People take photographs of lots of different subjects, the course helps with landscapes, still life and portraits.

The scenery in Balmaha is superb, with many excellent views.


Photography Training in Loch Lomond, is great fun and as far as the weather goes you never know what to expect. For this particular day it was an absolute scorcher. Our only concern was the risk of sunburn! I can’t promise the weather for future courses, but why not give it a try! To find out out about and to book forthcoming courses please get in touch.

Derek Manson photographed fellow participant Siobhan Smith, along with me in Balmaha.

Derek Manson photographed fellow participant Siobhan Smith, along with me in Balmaha.

The walking part of it is not too strenuous and my route includes a hill with a reasonable climb (and incredible view!) the harbour, a forest, beach and the Tom Weir Statue. There are some gems along the way, with plenty of opportunities to capture some stunning photographs.


Whilst walking around we will switch to manual and start to capture photographs in that mode. As with all of the photography exercises we go carefully and make sure that everyone understands before moving on.  This is the beauty of limiting to four people. It’s also good to see the interaction and shared learnings from the people taking part.




After the course I am of course always very happy to keep in touch. I love it when previous attendees send their photographs over and ask questions.

On this blog are some of my photographs of the day. I am also very grateful to Derek, Fran and Siobhan for letting me share some of theirs. Here they are with their names credited underneath each one.

Siobhan Smith

Siobhan Smith

Fran Hollis

Fran Hollis

Derek Manson

Derek Manson

Here is some of the feedback that I have received for the course.

  • It was nicely laid out, understandable and friendly
  • Given me confidence to get out and practice using other settings
  • Gave me as a novice a better understanding of settings, especially focusing.

I’ve had well over 100 people on my courses and every one has said that it has helped them to take better photographs.

About Me:

I am a Family Portrait & Wedding Photographer, I also create photography and video for business offering on-line content and marketing support. I run regular introduction to photography training courses, ideal if you you want to learn how your camera works and take better photographs. I am based in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park and work throughout Scotland including Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh as well as Loch Lomond.

See more at my website – or call me on 01360 661029.

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For more on the places covered in the course please see my blog about Balmaha and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs. For more advice on learning photography check out my blog posts – Top 5 tips for improving your photography, new photography projects and 10 top holiday photography tips. You can book a photography course by clicking here.

If I can help you with any aspect of photography please do get in touch, I hope you have enjoyed this Photography Training in Loch Lomond blog.

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