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Planning your wedding on Pinterest is a beautiful thing. So if you are undertaking the most pre-organised and researched day of your life then have a look at this, I think you might find it very useful.

What is Pinterest?

First though I started to write up what Pinterest is (just in case you don’t know) but as I was doing just that I thought that there has got to be a simple video on YouTube that explains it and sure enough…

So it’s yet another social media site. But it’s very clean, pretty and a great way to plan your wedding.

Pinterest for Weddings

As a wedding photographer I speak to a lot of brides who all say that they underestimated how much time they would spend planning their big day. Pinterest can make it fun, simple and open up a stack of new ideas.


So how does it work?

Once you’ve got your account set-up at the Pinterest site, which will just take you a few seconds you can create a board. A board is just like a pin board that you might have had on your bedroom wall when you were a kid. Onto that board you pin pictures that you like and add some text with your thoughts.


Here’s a board that I created showing examples of photographs that I take during the preparations on the wedding morning.

Creating a Board

Click on ‘Create a board’ and then you will get a box on the screen asking for a name and description. Say you are looking for a Wedding Venue then you can just call it that ‘Wedding Venues’. Here’s one that I made.


Getting some pins from Pinterest

So you’ve got a board called ‘Wedding Venues’ now you can search in the grey box at the top for what you are looking for. You could start with something like ‘Scottish Wedding Venues’, or if you have a venue in mind you can put in the name of it and I am sure you will find lots of examples of weddings that have happened there.

Getting pins from websites

Continuing with the ‘Wedding Venue’ board, you may want to ‘pin’ some photographs from a hotel website. That’s easy to do.

Other Facilities

You can upload photographs, just like you would do to Facebook and then assign them to a board. That’s very easy too.

Other boards

You could have boards for photographers, cars, flowers, dresses, table decorations; the list of course is endless. These are the boards that I have created for my photography business. They of course feature examples of my work and are useful to brides, I know this as they often pin them to their wedding boards for ideas!


I personally love Pinterest and see how easy it is to plan something like a wedding. If you’ve used it I’d love to hear how you got on with it. Also if you have any questions please let me know. Happy pinning!


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