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Sanna, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

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White Beaches, Stunning Scottish Views

How beautiful is this view? It’s Sanna, Ardnamurchan in The Scottish Highlands


It’s one hell of a journey to get to but it really is worth it. In fact I would go as far to say that it is my favourite place in Scotland. Don’t let me put you off with mention of the journey, that is in itself  spectacular and makes the end destination a greater even prize.

Mention Sanna or even Ardnamurchan to people, even Scots and most haven’t heard of it. It’s at the end of the Ardnamurchan Peninsular, the tip of which is the most westerly point of Mainland Britain. This is the Scottish Highlands at their best and most remote. Maybe the remoteness adds to the magic of the place. The fact that not many people live on this huge stretch of land and that it is difficult to get to means that it is totally unspoilt.

Sanna itself is just a small hamlet with a few cottages, some of which are holiday lets. What it has got plenty of though are beaches, some of the best for me even rivalling some ones that I’ve seen in Australia and Africa. The sea is a clear turquoise blue, with a kind of deepness of colour that you don’t expect to see in the UK and the view out to sea are quite amazing with the islands of Muck, Rum and Eigg and the Cuillin Hills of Skye on the horizon. So put together these white sandy beaches, a vibrant colour for the sea and quite outstanding views and you can see how special it is, which I hope comes across in my photographs.

Sanna, Ardnamurchan

Sanna what a place to live, a remote and beautiful coastal hamlet in the Scottish Highlands.


Views across to the islands of Eigg, Rum & Muck, beautiful Scottish Islands.


Let me return to the journey, and a route which for me heads north along the side of  Loch Lomond on the A82 up past Luss, Tarbet and Ardlui. After leaving Loch Lomond the scenery gets wilder, passing through Glencoe and up towards Fort William. Just south of Fort William is Nether Lochaber where you will find The Corran Ferry which is a small car ferry which will take you across Loch Linnhe to Ardgour. Drive off the ferry and you are on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. From here you head west on a stunning drive with views that will tempt you to stop many times to take photographs. The further west you head the more remote and wild the scenery gets. Also the roads get narrower, going to single track in many places. Occassionaly you can get stuck behind other traffic but it will generally be the four footed type!

Cattle, Scottish Highlands, Roads, Narrow

Rush Hour in Ardnamuchan and a traffic jam!!

It’s a good idea to have somewhere booked to stay (check the Ardnamurchan website). Once you reach the end of the peninsula it’s worth taking some time to explore it, ideally by foot choosing from the many walking routes this by far is the best way to see these landscapes.

Stunning Beaches

Walking on Sannna Beach you get to take photographs of these beautiful Scottish scenes often without having any other person in your shot. There is a large area of coastline to walk around to explore the many different views. Also you can see different weather approaching with the skies constantly changing, again this makes the photography easy and quite often spectacular.

Scottish Coastline, Highlands

Beautiful, unspoilt beaches on Sanna, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

Sanna, Beaches, Views, Scottish Highlands

Beautiful clear water and sandy beaches at Sanna.

Sanna, Ardnamurchan

There is plenty to explore, all unspoilt with very few visitors

Sanna, Ardnamurchan, Scottish Highlands

The light changes all the time, enhancing the views even more

Sanna, Ardnamurchan

Sandcastles, Sanna, Ardnamurchan

Ardnamurchan Point

It’s worth mentioning nearby Ardnamurchan Point as it is well worth a visit as you are so close. This is the most westerly point of Mainland Britain and has a lighthouse, museum and coffee shop, plus of course it’s own rugged coastline walks and views.

Ardnamurchan Point, Lighthouse

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, The Most Westerly Point of Mainland Britain.

A very special place

I hope my photographs make you want to visit, or return to Sanna and Ardnamurchan. If you are lucky with the weather, like I have been on my trips you will enjoy some incredible views and experience a very special atmosphere. Maybe this special feeling is earned for making the effort to go there. If you’ve got some stories of your trip to Sanna and Ardnamuchan please do leave me a message below.

One final picture of this incredible place and a photograph that I took on a recent family trip to Sanna. This is my daughter Katie playing on the beach, see how uncrowded it is, even on a summer weekend. It’s like having your own private beach!

Sanna, Beach, Scottish Highlands

Pictures of Scotland

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