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Selecting the photographs for this article I am enjoying thinking back to some extremely rewarding Portrait Sessions. They all started with generally low expectations from the teenage participants, don’t worry I didn’t take it personally, in fact I empathised with their stories of being dragged in their Sunday best outfits to a studio on an industrial estate where they had to say ‘cheese’ whilst standing barefoot on a white piece of paper!

That’s not my style of photography, look at the examples below and you’ll get an idea of how I work. For me it’s about authentic photographs that capture genuine personalities, this though  is only achieved through a relaxed and enjoyable photography experience so that’s my number 1 priority. Click here to get in touch and request a brochure/price list. 


I love photography sessions with teenagers, there’s always a moment when it really clicks with them and they see it as cooler than the old style of portraits, or the boring school photographs. For a start the photography is outside, an opportunity for me to have some fun with colour and create some vibrant scenes like the ones above, taken in Glasgow’s West End.



The two above were taken on The Old Course at St Andrews. A keen golfer Jack got the opportunity of a game there I was invited to capture a series of photographs of him to remember his round of golf on this iconic course.


As ever I’ll work closely with the family in advance of the photography session to get the right setting and look.

Teenage Photography Scotland

What I am looking to do is to capture their true, authentic personality. It’s got to be them as they are now, this is a moment in time to preserve forever.


As with all photography sessions the trick is to make the subject feel relaxed and comfortable. This not only allows them to enjoy the session more but then undoubtedly leads to some amazing photographs. Click here to get in touch and request a brochure/price list. 

Teenage Photography Scotland

 You’ll see a trend of pets and hobbies in these photographs. They again help to define that moment in time.

Teenage Photography Scotland

In every Family Photography Session I’ll mix portraits…


 …with  candids which in the examples below were taken to look more like an album cover.


Locations can be your home, garden (as in the ones below) or a favourite public park.


Teenage Photography Scotland

I am based in Loch Lomond and work throughout Scotland. The ones above were taken in Dunblane and the examples below are from a Portrait Session in Glasgow.

Teenage Photography Scotland


These teenage years are interesting years for parents (a bit of an understatement!). In fact a few times parents have commented that just a few days after one of my photography session their son or daughter has changed from a child to a young adult. It’s an amazing time that won’t last forever, before it goes get a portrait photography session. If you would like to find out more, or book a session please get in touch. Click here to get in touch and request a brochure/price list. 

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I am a Family Portrait & Wedding Photographer, I also create photography and video for business offering on-line content and marketing support. I run regular introduction to photography training courses, ideal if you you want to learn how your camera works and take better photographs. I am based in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park and work throughout Scotland including Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. See more at my website – or call me on 01360 661029.

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If you want to find out more about my photography sessions please have a look at Family Photography Sessions: What To Expect. You can also see some more examples at Family Photography in Glasgow. I hope that you enjoyed looking at these photographs of Authentic Teenage Portrait Photography, please leave me a comment below, or connect by social media.

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