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Here are my 10 favourite thoughts, ideas and techniques to great wedding photography. I’ve labelled them as secrets, but in reality though they are probably all logical steps and good common sense.

I work hard to balance getting beautiful story telling photographs, whilst letting the day flow effortlessly, therefore not letting the photography get in the way of the wedding!

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So here are my Wedding Photography Top 10 secrets (in no particular order)

1. Stand back and fade away…





Everyone love the candid, story-telling photographs. My wedding clients are always amazed that I got the photographs that I do, as often they didn’t know that am taking them! Throughout the wedding day I will quite often fade away to capture different angles scenes, to create a real variety to the photography.

2. Don’t miss the beautiful moments…


I love moments like this one. Here the brides Dad spontaneously burst into tears of joy when he saw his daughter in her wedding dress, her reaction says it all. Weddings are full of incredible moments like these.


Another emotional Dad, walking his daughter up the aisle.


What fun the speeches are, when the whole room is in hysterics you and your camera are moving fast and working hard!


3.  The wedding venue is part of the story…


The wedding venue is a big investment, there is lots of choice and the place that you get married will always be special. I always like to include the venue at some point in the wedding photographs. A great example is above at Altskeith House by Loch Ard.

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4. Know the venue…


It is important though to know the venue well. I will always visit before the wedding and hunt out the key locations. Such as (above right) and The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh where on an advance visit I discovered that you could get onto the roof. This photograph (below) was near Glenturret Distillery and an amazing location on a disused bridge next to an old mill.


An advance visit was especially useful for a wedding at Glasgow Cathedral (below), where there was so much building and renovation work going on that I had to hunt for good locations that were nearby. This one though worked a treat.




The ‘Everyone’ photograph always need lots of planning, to ensure that you’ve got elevation and a system for getting all of the wedding party in the same place at the same time!


5. Get the classic bridal photographs…


Must have photographs, the bride with a full, three quarter length and head & shoulders poses.

6. The dress and accessories are beautiful…




They cost a fortune, they will probably be worn only once, which is why the dress, shoes and accessories deserve to be photographed in a variety of different ways.

7. The detail at weddings is amazing…



I am always blown away by the level of detail and creative input that goes into a wedding. This of course is all part of the day so should be recorded and celebrated.

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8. Work quickly and help people to feel relaxed in front of the camera…



Making the photography, unobtrusive, quick and simple makes everyone relax – therefore providing better and more natural photographs!

9. It’s also about the guests…


Hopefully the people that you choose to share your wedding day with are special to you. That’s why it’s important to get photographs of them, whether it’s candids or more formal groups. The more relaxed those photographs are the better!

10. Finally, plan the ‘happy ever after’ photographs…




I’ll often end a wedding album with what I call the ‘Happy Ever After’ picture. It’s the bride and groom together, enjoying a moment, whilst hopefully forgetting that they’re having their photograph taken. It’s good too to feature a great natural setting at, or near the wedding venue. I will always look for that special place in advance of the wedding day.

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